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Case Studies

New menu design

Good Lookin Cookin

Our latest Menu Design project was certainly something for us to get our teeth into! Our client ‘Good...

Caroline, Good Lookin Cookin, Lincoln

ship inn Laptop

The Ship Inn

"We received our first Christmas booking 24 hours after our site went live!Fantastic service...

Ann-Louise Inman,, The Ship Inn , Surfleet


Clearview Glaziers

"We would highly recommend Total - from my long term experience with the it has not only been...

Robin Squibb, Clearview Glaziers, Peterborough

Why E-Commerce is Great for Business

What is an E-Commerce Website for? In short, an e-commerce website is an online shop. It will give your business the ability to distribute, sell and/or buy goods or services online. So having an e-commerce site is great for business. It is also very cost effective; there are no overhead costs of having a physical store and you can sell at a...
Why E-Commerce is Great for Business

Responsive Websites vs Mobile Websites

Responsive Websites vs Mobile Websites Not sure which is the best option for your business?   The truth is, they shouldn't be competing with each other as they both offer to make your website more accessible and enjoyable to visit on any device. Both are positive steps to making your business more visible on the internet - and by...
Total Solutions, Responsive Websites vs Mobile Websites

Why is Social Media important to your business?

In a recent study by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK found that: "...80% of consumers said they would be more inclined to buy more often in the future because of a brand’s presence on social media."Why is Social Media important to your business? Many businesses will have differing answers to this question, and each business will have...
Social Media important to your business

The benefits of a strong brand

To show you the benefits of a strong brand, we thought we would start at the top and inspire you! With the recent release of this year’s BrandZ List of the 100 most valuable global brands, we wanted to take a look at how the brands we all know have continued to grow to new inspirational heights. For a moment let’s see past their amazing...
Benefits of a strong brand

Your Business can benefit from Email Marketing

Why your Business can benefit from Email Marketing Before you cast email marketing to the junk or spam folder, ask yourself this question... “How much of your business is assisted & completed via email?” We would hazard a guess and say, the majority..? It has been estimated that the majority of the globes population has at least one...

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